Sunday, June 25, 2017

Yoo 719 - Kiddie Pool

I bought a $9 inflatable pool for the backyard. It's some of the best money I've spent this summer.

Dylan agrees.

Coolest street ever. I pass it on my way to Costco.

We went thru the whole commissary this way. It took hours (slight exaggeration). She bought cake mix, peanut butter M&Ms and bananas. A successful Friday night while dad was on duty!

My garage gym! Also some of the best money I've spent this summer...though it was a little more than $9. Still a few little things I'm adding as the weeks go by. And I will definitely be getting a treadmill. But not until after our next move! Smil and I take turns in here every morning.

Greg had to get some shots in Alexandria, VA for a photo assignment he was working on so Smil and I tagged along and we made an evening of it. We bought expensive ice-cream and walked around the town. The historic homes and cobblestone streets are super cool. As is Val Proudkii's photography. We found his studio in the Torpedo Factory and I spent most of our night rifling thru his prints. So amazing.

I love her.

Helping Dylan do yoga!

Sunset on Burba Lake. We go on a walk every evening. Mostly for pups. But also because I made a goal to get 10,000 steps everyday this year and I haven't missed it yet. I felt it was important now that I work from home since some days it's 6pm and I'm at like 200 steps. Those nights our walks are really long...

Ugh. She has my social skills. I captured several frames at the park as this little boy came up and asked if she wanted to play and then proceeded to play by himself in front of her. She's making this exact fact in every picture as he tries to play with her. She just stared at him until he left!

Greg was on duty last weekend so Smil and I were planning on spending Saturday in DC visiting a few places we haven't seen yet. But then pups got sick Friday night and all into Saturday morning and ruined our plans! Pups...between him and Skylar (who uncharacteristically woke up a few times during the night), I didn't get much sleep! I spent Saturday morning and early afternoon at the vet with him trying to quell the vomiting and get him hydrated. I kept a close eye on him Saturday afternoon and evening and he was much better by Sunday and almost 100% Monday. Poor buddy. Still not sure what it was but he was vomiting a lot and having terrible coughing fits.

Have a great day :-)

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