Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yoo 417 - They Don't Make Em Like They Used To

And by them I mean me.

I'm turning into my mom.

I remember the days when I would ride Puff The Magic Dragon at Lagoon, hands in the air, back to back to back to back (to back) with the Kyoo Grandpa all day long.

Fast forward twenty years:

This was me after just one back to back stint on Superman at Fiesta Texas.

I wanted to die.

Turning in my Roller Coaster Junkie card and replacing it with an all-day pass to ride the train. With the two-year-olds and their parents.

What happened??

Have a great day :-)

1 comment:

Nicole Jessop said...

I SO feel your pain! That was exactly me 3 months ago at Lagoon! It must be an age thing. I wonder if now that Steve is 25 if it would have the same effect on him?