Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yoo 419 - Remember the Oreo!

People of the Kyoo family, you are going to love this. Most especially those in the Provo parts who are probably missing the sights and sounds of home just a wee bit.

Everyone else, if you so choose, you could spend the next 2+ minutes of your life watching a hamster eat Cheerios, narrated by yours truly with special appearances by the easily distinguished Gregvoice, the Kyoo dad, and a Kyoo mom hand.

I think a Kyoo sister is also briefly seen.

(i can't promise it's worth it but it still makes me laugh...especially the varied reactions to oreo pooping on the table. welcome to the family.)

The reason for all of this rodent fanfare is kind of tragical.

Cause the little dude died a few weeks ago and needs to be preserved for posterity now.

Remember the Oreo! You know.

He was a cutie and we're pretty sad, especially the littlest of the Kyoo sisters. He was her hamster dude and she loved him and watered him and put up with his nocturnal tendencies.

He really did have the cutest hamster bum. And it would wiggle back and forth as he scurried across the floor. Or my Gregman's arm.

You couldn't keep a straight face watching it. Nor while he strutted around in his ball, head held high, paws moving in a blur, poo pebbles announcing his every move.

The real story to be preserved here, is the horrific happenings on Christmas in 2011, wherein Oreo found himself accidentally being dropped six feet to the tile floor. He was a resilient little guy, though apparently with a reflexive temper. Upon being retrieved and coddled by a grief-stricken, terrified Kyoo sister, he bit her, clean thru her fingernail!

Whereupon he found himself being flung thru the air again, this time to hit the fridge and sulk back to the floor in a crumpled, defeated pile.

Meanwhile we all watched, with increasingly shocked expressions splashed across our faces.

It was pretty terrible. We thought for sure her little rodent was dead!

But luckily, he made a full recovery and Christmas wasn't ruined. Though that would have been an interesting time for visitors to arrive...Kyoo sister crying her eyes out with a bloodied hand dripping down the sink while several people scraped a quivering pile of fur onto a newspaper for transportation back to the terrarium...

Merry Christmas!

We miss you little Oreo.

Have a great day :-)

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