Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yoo 622 - The (Kitchen) Sky Is Falling

At approximately 4:37 this morning I awoke to loud crashing noises. It took me a couple seconds to process and actually emerge from the deep recesses of dreamland. Once that happened though, I panicked and began shoving Greg awake.





"I heard something in the kitchen...go check it out!"

More mumbles as he rolled out of bed and started towards the kitchen.

Seconds later he reported, "Oh, our light just fell out of the ceiling."  Except it was in a deceptively unconcerned tone.

More mental processing.

"Wait...our kitchen light fell out of the ceiling??"

It hit me and I bolted for the kitchen.

We stared in silence and wonder for about 2 seconds before noticing the drips and puddles all around. Then there was that slow look at each other while both of our faces portrayed something along the lines of "oh shucks" before zipping around and sprinting up the stairs to find the leaky culprit.

It was the toilet.

To be more specific, I did some studying of toilet diagrams so I could describe it using terminology other than "water thingy that leads to the toilet". I'm just going to throw this out there...somehow the "stainless inlet supply connector" was spurting water. Actually, my recollection is fuzzy. Maybe it was coming from the pipes in the wall before the emergency shut-off valve? But probably not because when Greg shut that off the water stopped. Either way...the wall behind the toilet was soaked and it had obviously penetrated into the kitchen below.

Isn't that fantastic?

Here are some pictures:

The downed light fixture.

The light fixture's former home...notice the leaking.

And water.

So there you have it. Pretty extensive water damage and the house already smells like mildew. My life is a kickin' and a rockin'!

I mean, at least it wasn't sewage, right?

Have a great day :-)

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