Friday, September 26, 2014

Yoo 623 - Bryce Canyon National Park (And Ripping Apart My House)

There's a nice dude ripping my house apart right now. I just watched a kitchen cupboard get busted off its perch. And I can see the wall's innards. Now he's slicing into the ceiling, probably hating all of that horrible popcorn flying off into his face. Keep your mouth closed!

Anyways, he came swooping in with a little gadget to detect moisture and I watched as it beeped affirmative all up and down and side to side. It's about as bad as I suspected. Good thing I'm not overly fond of my kitchen. I might just be using this as a springboard to update the area since a wall and half of the cupboards are already gone.

While that's happening, I'm going back to April and Bryce Canyon.

So, Sunrise Point. Were we super impressed when we arrived? Not really. CLOUDS. 

See...cold and not impressed. There were snow flurries! I had just froze thru the prior night!

But we pushed our skepticism aside and tried to be patient.

Slowly, as I paced back and forth along the rim to stay warm, the patience began paying off.

Closer to expectations! The smiles came out.

This was the pink fleece blanket I used to "keep warm" all night. It didn't do much then and it wasn't doing much here but I still had it on.

Blizzard Titanic.

Our time at Bryce wasn't real adventurous. There wasn't any hiking. Just the typical drive thru the park with occasional stops and sprints to take in an overlook or two. Maybe if it hadn't been snowing! But it was cool in its freshly-dusted glory and we had the place mostly to ourselves.

I'll probably need to go back and spend a few days off the beaten path sometime to really appreciate it though!

Now back to watching my floor get tore up. And listening to fans!

Have a great day :-)

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