Monday, April 27, 2015

Yoo 663 - Backpacking at Lost Maples

Our quick trip to Lost Maples two weekends ago turned out to be idyllic. At least as idyllic as Texas can get. We tried to hike at Hill Country State Natural Area, but when we got there I barely saw a sign thru dark plexiglass noting that all trails had been closed due to "inclement weather".

It had rained. A couple days prior.

The weather on Saturday was sunny and warm with white puffy clouds. I threw a fit down the long dirt road out of the state natural area until we had cell reception again and I could call another nearby park to see if they'd closed all their trails.

Luckily Lost Maples did not let us down and still had primitive camping sites available. So away we drove.

We've been there several times but only in the fall and winter. Spring was a surprise because the creeks actually had water! This is a big thing. I stopped trying to avoid getting my feet wet after the first crossing and just plowed thru the rest with pups.

Dog knows how it's done.

Also, I know we look ridiculous. But we didn't have to apply sunscreen and we didn't sunburn! Plus, I just started testing a "hiking is better in a skirt" hunch I had and I loved it. Breezier and more functional. I think especially for cooler weather because I can just put my wool pants on under for cold mornings and quickly remove them when the temps rise.

Not to mention restroom stops...

Onward. My camera battery was not fully charged and pooped out early evening. So none of the night got documented or the glorious hike out the following morning. 

Suffice it to say, Roscoe was tired and collapsed onto the majority of my sleeping bag leaving me to awkwardly straddle him thru the night. Greg went right to sleep while I stayed up watching the lightning. Yes, there was a lightning storm miles and miles away but it was sure illuminating the sky. We were camped right at the tippiest top of a hill and I had numerous thoughts about backtracking down into the valley if it came closer.

Luckily the night didn't get much more exciting.

The morning brought peanut butter tortillas and pop tarts and a scenic hike thru Mystic Canyon and out of the park.

I love hiking with Greg and Roscoe. Have I mentioned this? Now, I'm really good at imagining better weekends, but not ones that are as feasible as a quick backpacking trip with my best buds.

Have a great day :-)

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