Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yoo 667 - Graphic Pictures of Shower Mold/Mildew

Greg and I spent some quality time in the shower on Memorial Day...scrubbing our grout and re-caulking. The shower had been neglected for a while and was long overdue for some maintenance. Not to mention, that one time the spout shot off at me and I found I had a 1/2" gap between the new one and the wall and decided to just fill that in with spray foam as a "temporary" fix.

Then four years passed.

The whole process was a pain but man it looks good now. Also, the shower is henceforth and forever off-limits because it's too pretty to get dirty again.

"Well maybe you should just clean your shower on occasion."

Maybe I will.

The before and after pictures:

That was the "April" project for my 2015 goal of completing one cheap home improvement project each month this year. I'm a little behind. Though the May project is going to be replacing our shower head and June will probably involve fixing the ceiling the old shower head damaged.

Add those to the February project that fixed the ventilation fan in there and our bathroom will be practically perfect.

Until the next disaster. 

Have a great day :-)

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