Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yoo 697 - Church

Despite waking up quite exhausted and not pulling myself out of bed until well after 8, we made it to church for Skylar's first time today! There was a fair bit more coordination involved...especially working with the 35 minutes we had before the 9 am start.

I tickled Skylar awake and fed her on one side while Greg showered. The tickling part took the most time because she was being so cute and I couldn't stop playing with her.

Then Greg took over giving her a quick bath and getting her dressed while I took a shower.

Then feeding on the other side to fill up her little tank and off we went, just 15 minutes late...

It was a trial run. We'll get better at this.

She lasted up until the closing song before waking up and beginning to get disgruntled so we abandoned ship a little early. But it was fun to get her dressed up for an hour! In a dress dating back to at least one of my sisters, if not me.

Yes, that is Roscoe's nose poking up at the bottom of the frame...

"Ew, no more kisses dad!"

And some favorite phone pics to take us out:

Have a great day :-)

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