Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yoo 699 - Car Maintenance Fun

The RAV4 has been trying to steal the show away from Skylar the past couple weeks. It's still a great car and I love it, but the odometer just went north of 100,000 miles and we decided it was time for a quality tune-up and some minor repairs. So $800 later we were left with just the routine maintenance, which we usually do ourselves to save some money. But are you really saving money after spending $800?


Because the shop wanted to charge us $75 to change the cabin air filter. And we did it for $20 and 5 minutes worth of work. Including looking up an instructional you tube video on a slow Internet connection.

And by we, I mean Greg. Greg did all the work. I kept Skylar alive and fed Roscoe ice chips.

I love how impressive his teeth look in this "action shot". Maybe he does have some guard dog in him...

Close-up on the thighs. They're progressing! Half of me wants to cry and the other half of me wants to beam with pride. And eat them? Being a parent is so weird.

We utilize the shop at Greg's work and camp out for hours while the oil gets changed and the fluids get topped off and the tires get rotated and on and on. And then we wash and detail the car. I actually mostly do that part because Greg's attention to detail isn't his shiniest pearl. It's not bad, probably a normal level of attention to detail, but he married me. And I'm anal. So things get noticed. Like when one of the knobs on the dashboard gets cleaned, but the one on the other side doesn't.

It's fine though! We know which parts we need to play. I camp out in the suffocatingly hot car scrubbing the leather and picking fur from every nook and cranny while he does all the dirty work outside the car. Also, he wants me to draw special attention to the rims (top photo) because he did those himself and he's super proud of how shiny they are.

In the end, it was a fun day and we like working together. Even more so with a dog AND baby to keep us company now! Last time we did this Skylar was maybe an inch long?

Roscoe still doesn't love the fact that he has to share the backseat.

And more baby photos to take us out:

Always getting that hand free. Even in the pea pod.

"Mom, I am thinking." The face she makes when she's trying to decide if she's done nursing or not. This is always followed by her either passing out or aggressively attacking the boob again with her focused face.

Super Skylar! Watching her post-nap stretches is one of the highlights of my day.

And I'm going to be so sad when she no longer curls her legs up like this!

Crazy hair. I love this baby. Three weeks and we're all still alive!

Have a great day :-)

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